In a bout of boredom I decided I’d trawl the internet for a good horror movie. Seeing nothing but movies I had previously watched I decided to check out a new movie. I noticed several sites mentioning “Dark Skies” a film in which a family is visited by aliens over a period of time with each visit becoming more severe and intrusive.

Now let me make it clear that I am a fan of a good “Aliens visiting earth/abduction movie” with regular viewings of “The MacPherson Tape (1998)” and “Signs (2002)”. I saw the film and I was pleasantly surprised. The usual stereotypes had been set aside and this made room for a movie with excellent pacing and delivery. There were good performances throughout the film from its relatively unknown cast but a familiar face was seen in that of J.K. Russell who plays the role of the obligatory alien abduction expert.

The movie revolves around a family with two young sons; one is in his early teens and one is around 8. The family are experiencing financial trouble, the father is an out of work architect and the mother is an estate agent struggling to sell any properties. Dark Skies wastes no time in letting the audience know something is not right as during the nights objects are moved with no signs of entry to the property.

The weirdness quickly escalates but I won’t give too much away but let me tell you that it gave me chills on several occasions. This is not one of the run of the mill jump scare fest’s that are being pumped out of Hollywood but rather the tension builds well allowing the audience to become increasingly more uncomfortable and intrigued as to the cause of this families woes.  

If I had to make one criticism it would be the ending, it had more twists than an M Night Shyamalan wet dream. For a good 10 minutes I was literally shouting “AW COME ON” at the screen as we travel between several realities all of which are completely believable but would have destroyed the film if where true.

If you are a fan of creepy horror or just a solid alien movie then definitely give this movie a watch.

My rating is 6.5/10.