The arma series of games are realistic military simulators that place the user in a huge open world where they must use advanced military tactics in order to achieve the objective. The latest installment in the series is the alpha version of ARMA 3 which was released on the 5th of March this year.
Having already owned Arma 2 as well as all the expansions i jumped at the chance to pick up the new game. As i started playing on day 1 of alpha there wasn’t musch content, only the few “Test out the gear” misions and some quite linear single player missions. I was however struck with the immense beauty of this new custom engine developed in house at Bohemia Interactive, creatively dubbed “The Arma 3 engine”. The textures and lighting effects complemented each other so well that some places looked photorealistic.
Within a day or two of launch the huge arma modding and map building community had already ported over the “Wasteland” multiplayer mode from Arma 2 which is a team vs team senario in whaich you have to capture the map by eliminating the other team. I found myself sinking huge amounts of time in this, still in awe of the new game engine and the refinements that came with it such as improved stance adjustment and despite the higher fidelity graphics, higer frame rates.
The true strength in ARMA lies in its huge community of followers. The most fun you can have is by getting into a group who wants to take things seriously, because if you find yourself simply messing around with friends aimlessly the fun quickly dwindles (well it does for me anyway). The feeling you get when you’re at the front of a 50 strong platoon with heavy artillery and air support while you move into take a town form the enemy is amazing.
Over all i think this is the best game purchase i have made this year (Although i haven’t tried Bioshock Infinate yet). So if you are a fan of the Modern Military shooter genre and you play on PC then definately pick this one up. It gets a solid 9/10 from me and thats with it being still in the Alpha stages so it can only get better form here!

Image is a screenshot i took on the first day of Wasteland