bus lane

In the short term the construction of this project has created traffic problems with commuters badly affected as well as consumers. I have myself spent an extra half hour in traffic heading to the city centre on a few occasions. While this is very frustrating I, for the moment, am willing to trust the visionaries in the Department of Regional Development that this undertaking, once up and running, will alleviate city centre bottlenecks and help create a more efficient and reliable city bus service.

You can understand the concern by city centre traders that in this time of economic uncertainty shoppers need to be encouraged to enter the city not deterred. In the short term the construction of this project and delays incurred will inevitably affect their business.

As I do not commute regularly into the centre I completely understand the aggravation this scheme has generated to drivers trying to reach their workplace but would like to believe that in the long term this development would benefit the commuter and trader by removing unnecessary traffic in the city and allowing easier access.

For re-routed traffic and further details check out the DRD website, or traffic watch NI


Image ref   http://www.u.tv/news/Work-to-start-on-new-Belfast-bus-lanes/aa9aa59f-56cb-4ca6-88fd-f9f98cfa9ac3