Since a very young age I have always been really interested in the sport football. My entire family is fond of football so I don’t know whether it’s something I inherited growing up or whether it is because I really love playing the sport. I know one thing for certain and that is that I was brought up to support Manchester United. My dad always made sure that I was a Manchester United Supporter. He would buy me merchandise from that club, so although my dad started to buy me Manchester United merchandise when I was young, I found as I gradually got older I began to support and follow Manchester United myself.

I have never actually been to a match at Old Trafford, Manchester United’s Stadium. Although I have been to other stadiums such as Nou Camp in Barcelona and Windsor Park in Belfast. I would still follow Manchester United more than any team and before this year’s football season ends I do hope to go see Manchester United play in their home grounds. Man Utd are soon to play Aston Villa, this is another team that I would follow, However not as much as Manchester United but I do still like this team. So with a bit of luck I will get tickets for this match and then be able to complete my dream of being able to go to Old Trafford and see Man United play a game.

My greatest memory of my whole time supporting Manchester United was in 1999 when Manchester United got to the Champions League final. I was not very old at this stage but I still remember it well. Manchester United were 1-0 down against Bayern Munich and defeat seemed likely, and out of no where United scored 2 goals in the last minutes of the game and won the match. it wasn’t really the match that I remember most, it would have been more the whole build up before and after the match I would remember best. I watched it in my own house, my parents invited around all my close family and we all crowded round the TV. After the match me, my brothers and my cousins went out and played football in the front garden. My dad had an old golf trophy that he wrapped Manchester United scarves around as a joke pretending that it was the real Champions League Trophy. As me, my brothers and cousins were so young we thought it would be fun to try and replay the match from our point of view, whenever we replayed the match we lifted my dad’s golf trophy pretending that it was the Champions League Trophy. This has been the one memory of supporting Manchester United that I believe I will always remember.

Now I play football occasionally, I have never been in a proper team. I would usually just go to the park and play with friends. I have always wanted to join a team and have went to a few training sessions for one of my local teams but I did not train long enough to play a match. One thing that I have always wanted to do is score a goal for a proper team, sometimes I think this is less likely but I hope someday this is something I will achieve, so I may join a local league team in the upcoming months and just begin to try and work my way into the squad so that I can play a proper match and get the goal that I have always wanted.