Hey PDS Suffers Sarah here,
In this episode there is a bit of a twist, at the end of the last one there was a clip of one of the HVI group members the one who disposed of the woman across from the Walkers house they found his son (Rick) was found partly alive. Although it might not click in but he is a PDS sufferer.

Ricks father doesn’t click that he is a PDS sufferer. Kieran finally ventures out of the house and meets this girl who is also at her grave, this is the grave which she rose from they go and explore the city. Go to a fun fair where Kieran gets recognised and chased back to his own village.

Once he returns home his sister tells him about Rick been home, Kieran and Rick were the best of friends before Rick was counted as dead (he was in the army and went missing so they accounted him as dead) Kieran then killed himself once he found out about Rick. Kieran storms all the way over to the HVI hang out where all the HVI gang where and also Rick they created this dedicated area for the PDS suffers. Rick then comes to the rescue to takes them to his table and they catch up.

There is then a call from a member of the HVF who was out on watch over the forest, he called in that he has spotted a rotter (zombie) so everyone in the HVF hang out goes to this, even the 3 rotter’s (Kieran, Rick and the Girl).

At the forest they find two rotter’s, a father and a young daughter. Rick went to dispose of them when Kieran shouted at him that you are killing your own kind, Kieran then says “Why kill them Rick, they are just like you and me (remove eye contact to show zombie eye) we can hand them in and take the money and they can get treated and cured” Rick then puts the gun down.
They man who was out on the patrol over the forest got bitten by the zombies Rick tried to kill, they locked in a cage and declared him as in quarantine.

TBH this episode has put me off the show. The first episode was so good, they didn’t know where to take the second episode it did jel, which made it hard for me to stay focused. The camera work in this wasn’t the best, there were some nice fancy tracking shots but a lot of them are plain mid two shots or one shots but I wasn’t too impressed. I’m not really looking forward to the final episode but I would like to know and see how it is ended.

So to sum up episode two: Kieran feels trapped at home and escapes to his grave, where he is reunited with his old hunting partner Amy Dyer – who persuades him to take a dangerous day trip. He discovers that Rick, his former best friend and romantic interest who died in Afghanistan, is back in town, so he visits him at his partisan local pub. After an awkward reunion, he finds himself on a hunting mission in the woods, where the night patrol has reported live rabid zombies roaming free.
Heres a link to the secound eppisode http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rjkd9

Later zombie folk

Sarah Mc Shane