Before I start I would like to point out that this is mainly my own opinion, hence why I started to this blog.

 Once again our newspapers, televisions and radios are filled with the news that North Korea is once again throwing harsh words out at the South Koreans and their close ally the United States of   America. For those who are aware of the situation I will fill you in throughout this blog that is if I don’t bore you half way through it.

 Why is North  Korea dishing out threats?

One of the main reasons why North Korea dishes out these threats is because of the annual military exercises between the United States and their allies South Korea. The current military exercise is the biggest of the two nation’s annual exercises, this time the United States wanted to prove that they are prepared to protect their South Korean allies. By doing this the United States sent bombers, fighter jets and submarines to the KoreanPeninsula. Obviously these exercises are to have the two nations militaries get familiar with each other and each others equipment.

 These threats are not new when it comes to North Korea. It seems to be a pattern but when it comes to the actual nations clashing they will back out at the last minute and maybe a few months down the line they will fire across the “demilitarized zone”. It is like a game of chess we are just waiting for that check mate moment, the check mate being the two nations clashing on the battlefield. 

 North Korea on the other hand believes these exercises are a decoy for an actual invasion. But they know to well these exercises happen yearly and all have passed by peacefully, they just use it as an excuse so they can dish out words to the United States and South Korea. Funny though when North Korea has its “war games” you never hear anything from the South Koreans nor do you hear anything from the United States. 


What are North Korea’s threats?

The main threat North Korea issued was that it had placed its “rocket teams” on standby to fire at United States targets. These targets are:

  • Military bases in the Pacific 
  • Bases in South Korea
  • US mainland.

 US mainland? Yes the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said he has ballistic missiles ready to hit the United States mainland. Now I’m not sure what the Koreans mean by US mainland because United States intelligence has said they do not have the capability yet to hit the United States mainland. Now obviously the United States take these threats seriously even if they know it’s not possible for the North Koreans to even hit the mainland. It is better to be prepared in case something unpredictable does happen, the United States are not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of their citizens and fair play considering what happened in 2001.

 North Korea also said they are ready to go into a “full-blown nuclear war” with the United States, now really that is just suicide right there because everybody on this globe knows North Korea is at least a decade away from knowing how to place a nuclear warhead onto a missile and having it hit a target.

 North Korea also ended all pacts with the South Korea and has said the two nations are now in a “state of war”. I had to laugh at that statement because technically the two countries have been at war since the war broke out in 1950. The war stopped when both countries signed an armistice on July 27, 1953. When both countries finally agreed to sign the armistice the borders of the two countries near the 38th parallel had been restored, it also created the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which is the most heavily militarized border in the world. The armistice agreement also forced a cease-fire between the two nations and finalised the repatriation of prisoners of war (POWs)

How did the United States respond to these threats?

Well when the United States heard that North Korea was “pointing” missiles at United States targets, the United States simply responded by sending B-2 and B-52 bombers to the Korean Peninsula. I would also like to add that these two bombers are capable of dropping nuclear missiles. The United   States responded by saying that they sent the bombers for an extra deterrent. It seemed to work because now North Korea is throwing its “threats” at the South Korean’s.

Could North Korea go toe-to-toe with the United States?

 My honest opinion is simply no. My reason for this is because the United States is much more advanced. North   Korea has a very outdated military and when I say outdated I mean 1970s equipment. The only way I could see the North Koreans surviving against the United States is if the Russians, Iranians and Chinese came to their aid. But right now the Chinese and Russians are playing as referees trying to have both sides remain calm. It’s like a playground fight. Every country is circling around North Korea and the United States then you have the Chinese and Russians running over like teachers/parents breaking up the fight before it turns into a serious confrontation. 

Created by Chris Wilson