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Remember at the very very start where we see the girl (Amy Lancaster) in the supermarket and Kieran killed her.. yes?? Well this is continued throughout the whole series and as we come to the end all becomes clearer. His sister Jem was there at that supermarket when Amy was killed, his sister spared his life. Kieran and Jem went to the Lancaster’s house and they didn’t seem upset with what Amy’s parents said .. “oh thank the lord, but we don’t know if she’s dead for ever, they never found her body so she could still be out there and can be treated”. This was nice but strange that Amys parents still had hope even though they knew who killed her and turned her.

This episode full of mixed emotions, on one hand it is a sad episode but at the same time it is a happy time. The HVF group hearing said the dead will rise again and only the good will rise. This sets the scene for the final episode. Kieran’s Rotter girlfriend has left to go and explore the big bad world and she does state she will be back. Which gives us the viewers the impression that there might be another series I suppose it depends how this one goes?

Ricks mother is at this group hearing with other mothers who have sons/daughters with the PDS, it is like a social group with a nurse who works with the PDS suffers. While Ricks mother is at this, his father at home with Rick – and it is here his father realises Rick is a rotter and ends up killing him and leaves him at Kieran’s house. Kieran in rage goes round to Ricks house where his mother is just home from the HVF Hearing, both (Ricks mother and Kieran) are angry and in shock.. we see Kieran bursting into tears and it is at this point we see his go missing again.

Kieran’s household is worried he has gone to kill himself again so Jem goes out and looks for him, she does finds him in the cave that he and Rick use to hang out in. Jem persuades Kieran to come home and this pretty much ends the series. So in my opinion it wasn’t an exciting way to end the series. Will there be another series of In The Flesh? Who knows what the future may hold. here the link to the final episode letme know what you thought http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01rr66y

So to sum up the last episode: Kieren visits the supermarket where he used to hunt, which brings back memories of when Jem spared his life. The siblings then confront their past issues and drop in to see the Lancasters.. At the end of the episode, tragedy strikes Kieren, after Bill ends Rick’s existence again, and Bill is shot himself by Ken Burton, whose PDS-afflicted wife he murdered earlier at the end of the first episode.
So this is my last Blog on In The Flesh.

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