Hey guys Sarah here,

Well I must say I was impressed with the first episode of In the Flesh it left me wanting more defiantly on edge for the next episode. It opened in a nice way TBH (To Be Honest) it was a typical opening for any other zombie film or show, a teenage girl in a supermarket with a walkie-talkie, this is where we first meet the main character Kieran Walker as a zombie.

It then does a nice we change from the supermarket to the hospital where they are treating the PDS sufferers. During this change in locations there is a flash back to the supermarket when the audience sees the medication is being injected into Kieran.

The doctor is just finishing up with Kieran and the last thing Kieran says in this scene is “I am a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer and what I did in my untreated state was not my fault.”  I rather liked the fact they were called zombies but they were classed as Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers.

Once the titles come up we see a series of clips and there is this voice over which is almost like a prayer but not quite, we hear this man speaking about the zombies in this horrid way. we also see a missing girl poster and it is of the young girl who was in the supermarket at the start.

As the show goes on we then see that Kieran reunited with his family and this is a strange moment as the mother is crying while the father has no feelings towards this reunion. Once they arrive back in their home town, he then gets reunited with his sister and his sister shows to be anger with this as she is part of the HVI which is the base who kept the community together during the zombie apocalypse.

His sister isn’t happy… WE CAN GUESS WHY… At the start we see that they are going to dispose of any zombies who come back to the town…. She fears for her brother because we see at the start they are going to dispose of any zombies who come back to the town. Kieran had to hide inside his house, in a number of different rooms most of this show so it was pretty much him getting to grip with life again.

The series ends with another PDS sufferer who is across the road from the Walker household, there is this scare as the HVI gang are on their way to dispose of a PDS sufferer and it is all built up as if they are going to get Kieran but in the end they take the woman across the road out of the house and shoot her after she took her contacts out and revealed she was a zombie. It then ends with the reaction on Kieran and his sister’s face.

So to pretty much sum it up, Kieren Walker, once a zombie and one of thousands of individuals affected by Partially Deceased Syndrome (PDS), returns home to Roarton having been subjected to months of rehabilitation and medication by a government that has set an agenda of acceptance and tolerance. However, a cauldron of brutal anti-zombie sentiment exists and is gathering support.

This leaves me hanging, do I want watch the next show? How are they planning to bring the story forward? Heres a link to the first episode http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00szzcp


Sarah Mc Shane


(Images sorced fromhttps://www.facebook.com/DeadBastardsByJennyThomson and http://www.denofgeek.com/tv/in-the-flesh/24516/what-is-bbc-three%E2%80%99s-in-the-flesh )