Hey guys its Sarah here,

The BBC3 have splashed out on a new 3 part TV series which has a whole new take on zombies. The TV series called In The Flesh is about a young man called Kieran Walker which is ironic since he is a zombie and they are also known as walkers.

The leading character Kieran Walker is played by Luke Newberry, Luke has also been in a few big shows and films, the main ones been the TV series Sherlock and Harry Potter movies – in both of these productions he has played major supporting roles!

They have found a cure to cure the Zombie state which allows them recover their brain cells and returns them to normal state… apart from the fact they are still zombies and decomposing. Four years after the dead arose; the government starts to naturalize the undead back into the society. This storyline is weird and wacky!

From what I have seen in trailers he has been dead a year before the dead rise as zombies.. this definitely takes away all we think of when we are about to watch a zombie show/movie.

The producer of In The Flesh, Ann Harrison-Baxter has taken out one of the main things we all compare zombies too.. which is the bite,.. once bitten you turn, they have taken this out, mmh mmh I wonder how will they make a zombie series work without the key element?

This new TV series is a story following this young man (Kieran Walker) on his task of overcoming death by suicide to then coming back to life.. he is to return to his home in a small Lancashire village to face a hostile reception as well as his own demons.

Is anyone happy a Rotter is returning home?

How will his family react to him being home after being dead for a year?

Tune in next time after the first showing and I will do a walk though of how I felt of episode 1 and what I thought on this new take on zombies.  To get you all started have a look of the In The Flesh BBC Three Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53I2_DbVUqU

(Trailer sourced from You Tube)

Till Next time zombie folk.

Sarah McShane

(image sourcehttp://www.awesomedl.com/2013/03/in-flesh-season-1-episode-1.html )