Liverpool FC

It’s a question I get asked a lot from friends; usually those friends supported Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea. My answer is always the same, I support Liverpool Football Club because they are my team, win, lose or draw I support them right until the very end.

At a young age it was drilled into me that I would grow up as a Liverpool fan. My dad had me wearing all the new gear when I was younger. At a young age I never really knew where Liverpool was, never mind the football clubs history. As I grew older my dad used to tell me stories about Liverpool and how dominant they were throughout Europe and how they could beat a team before they even walked onto the field. He told me that clubs around the world feared the name Liverpool Football Club because of the rich history the club had and the massive following they had throughout the United   Kingdom. People always thought I supported Liverpool FC because they won major trophies every year and they called me a “glory-hunter”. I don’t know what time period those people lived in because when I was growing up, Liverpool rarely won trophies however still stuck by the team. When I was younger my dad used to wake me up early when Liverpool where playing and we used to always go through our “pre-match rituals” which basically consisted of me running to the shops and buying myself snacks for the game. The shop owner was an old man called Tommy who knew me very well because I used to run in every Thursday morning and give him my granddads newspaper money, Tommy called me one of his best customers and always had my things ready for me every time a Liverpool game was playing. He even said to me once “Chris, you have me checking up the Liverpool fixtures just so I can prepare your usual snacks for the games”. The funny thing is he was not even a Liverpool supporter he supported the rival club Manchester United. At the time I never knew we were rivals I only found this out as I got older.

The most memorable moments for me as a Liverpool fan would have to be the 2005 Champions League final; Liverpool vs AC Milan. This was the day every Liverpool fan dreamt about, the day WE reached the Champions League final. The reason why this moment is so memorable for me is because in the first half of the match Liverpool were getting beat 3-0. When that third goal entered the back of the net I walked outside and that is when I can truly admit I felt disappointed in the club for not turning up. So instead I went outside and played with my friends just outside my front garden. Most of my cul-de-sac is pro-dominantly Liverpool supporters and I knew if Liverpool scored I would hear the cheers. When the first goal went in for Liverpool I heard my friends older brother shout out the window to me saying “Chris, it’s 3-1 now!”. A Few minutes or so later I heard the house across the street from me cheering and I knew Liverpool had scored again. I ran straight into the house and glued my eyes to the television praying Liverpool would score a third goal to make it level so we could take it into extra time. Somebody must of been listening because just as the game was coming to a close Liverpool scored again and it was now 3-3! When it went into extra time AC Milan were all over us and at one point I thought it was over when there was a moment in the game they assaulted us with one final attack before penalties, if it wasn’t for Dudek’s reflections we wouldn’t have made it to penalties. Thankfully they didn’t score and it went to penalties. I was pretty confident when it went to penalties because I knew we had some of the best penalty takers in the world.

As Shevchenko stepped up to take what would be AC Milans final penalty I thought to myself this is it. If Dudek saves this we have won the Champions League. As he approached the ball Dudek dived slightly early but somehow made a finger tip save and stopped the ball from going into the back of the net. I never even seen Liverpool celebrate the penalty save because I ran straight out my door with my Liverpool flag wrapped around my neck and ran straight down the street screaming my head of that we had won the Champions League, thankfully I wasn’t alone because half the cul-de-sac seemed to have followed me on my lap of honour. That is a day I will never forget and I am glad to have witnessed one of the greatest comebacks in footballing history. Unless we win the Premier League then I will be one happy bunny!

As I got older and started to learn more about Liverpool Football Club its then I somewhat became a major Liverpool fan, I was mad for Liverpool. Even though I have never been to Anfield itself (Liverpool’s Stadium) I still make sure I tune into every game that is on television and if it’s not on television then I would watch it on the internet or listen to it on the radio. Either way I make sure I am tuned into every game that Liverpool plays. I also research everything to do with Liverpool Football Club from its past to its present. I have watched hundreds of games back when Liverpool was in its prime just so I could compare the Liverpool then to the Liverpool now. There isn’t much difference the real difference is we are not picking up as much trophies.

Over the years it’s been frustrating watching Liverpool struggle to keep up with the bigger clubs in England and Europe. Liverpool’s failure to secure Champions League football means the club misses out playing with the “big dogs” of football; it also means we miss out on that £80 million that could be injected straight into club, if we qualified for the Champions League. For the club and its fans its important the club secures Champions League football because it means the club can prove to others around Europe that it is still a dominant force throughout the world and nothing has changed.  To make matters worse Liverpool were nearly put into administration due to its old owners who promised so much to the club but instead ruined the club.

In 2009 it was published by BBC News that Liverpool’s financial report recorded a loss of £54.9 million over the course of the 2008 season, that meant that the club’s total debt now stood at £472 million. £233 of that debt was owed to the Royal Bank of Scotland which gave the Liverpool owners a loan to build a new stadium for the club which never happened and to this day Liverpool fan’s still wondered where that money went. Thankfully on the 6th October 2010 our prayers were answered and Fenway Sports Group agreed to buy Liverpool Football club. The complete takeover happened on the 15th October 2010, It took a while for Fenway Sports Group to take full control of the club because previous owners Gillett and Hicks argued that the purchase was illegal and vowed to take court action and asked for damages worth £1 billion.

Now that the new owners have taken over the club they have pledged a bright future for Liverpool Football Club and pledged to the fans that they would change Liverpool for the better and bring back the glory days to Anfield. They promised a redevelopment of Anfield and pledged to work on bringing in home grown talent to the club. Now as happy as I am I do support that Liverpool should construct a new stadium instead of a redevelopment, the redevelopment is to believe to be completed by 2017. As a supporter I feel more like a banker because that’s all it is nowadays, clubs need money to operate and compete for the best trophies. So hopefully time will tell if we will become a dominant club again but until that day I will support Liverpool right up until the day I part company with this earth!

Thank you for reading!

Chris Wilson.

You’ll Never Walk Alone!