Youtube is a worldwide website that has around 10 million active users every day, I would happily admit that I am one of those people. I started using YouTube about 5 years ago and back then I didn’t really watch anything in specific I would just watch general videos about people falling and things similar to that. In more recent times I have started watching more videos to do with gaming. I would still watch the occasional video of people falling and getting hurt as I still find this very humorous although I would prefer to watch Gaming videos due to the fact that Gaming is another one of my interests. I have also become familiar with several YouTube users. I would now watch these people daily as I find their videos entertaining especially PEWDIEPIE, Ksiolajidebt, Youtubable, Yogcast and TheSyndicateProject. These users have been uploading gaming content  for about 2-3 years and they would be considered the most popular YouTube gaming users.

Having spent years as a gamer and watching various YouTube gamers channels I took the plunge and started my own YouTube Gaming Channel, ‘TheNetwork4Gamers’.  I am not saying I know all there is to know about gaming but I thought why not share my gaming experience and my thoughts on games through ‘TheNetwork4Gamers’. ‘TheNetwork4Gamers’ started off just me and my friend and now the YouTube channel has over 40 subscribers!! My channels main focus is to try and show footage of games that have been newly released and soon we hope to bring in reviews and tips on popular games. So, if you enjoy watching gaming videos on YouTube, why don’t you check us out at ( ) and if you like what you see please subscribe or leave a comment saying what game footage you would like to see.


Another YouTube channel I manage is RyanHumphreys11 ( where I would upload music gigs or events that I have filmed in my local area; this is my main channel that I have been running for 3 years. The most recent gig that I filmed was a battle of the DJ’s; the winner got entered into the next round with a chance to win £500 and a day in a recording  studio. There will be 3 or 4 more heats in the upcoming months so I will have more videos of that being uploaded to my channel. I do enjoy filming music events and I will continue to do so as it is another interest of mine. I am also hoping that I will get more business with filming music gigs, so if you have an upcoming gig please contact me on the URL above. Whilst I wait, I will be focusing on the gaming channel trying to upload as much as I possibly can.