From a young age golf has always been a hobby of mine, I can’t remember how I first became interested in golf, but I would probably say it was my dad that got me interested in it. My dad was in a golf society, where he and a bunch of his friends and work colleagues would meet up on a weekly basis to go to one of the local golf courses. This is where my interest in golf came from, as my dad would have let me caddie for him and then sometimes even let me take a few strokes for him during his round.

After this, I began to get interested in playing golf as well as watching it. When I was roughly 8-9 years old, my dad decided to buy me my first set of golf clubs. As I was so young I thought I was brilliant and was so excited to go out and play my first full round of golf. Previous to this my granda would have taken us to pitch and putt in Newcastle, where they had created a small version of a golf course. My granda would have taken me, my brothers and my cousins down there for a round of golf. Although, when I had got my first set of golf clubs I was excited to get out and play on the adults courses.

I remember my full round of golf in Newcastle, the course I played on was not the actually Newcastle Links Course but the smaller practice course around the real course. This didn’t really bother me as the course I played was still counted as a golf course but it was just not as professional as the Links Course. The first time I played on the course I had went round with my dad. He didn’t really play with me, he was there to supervise me and help me round the course. The next time I played the course I played with my older cousin and I remember it so vividly as I didn’t have my dads help and this was the first time I had played this course alone.

I have played on this particular course about 5-6 times, I have played roughly around 7 other courses around Northern Ireland and Ireland.I have played course such as Edenmore, Lisburn Golf Club, Narin & Portnoo Golf Club and Dunmurry Golf Club.  My favourite course would probably be the Newcastle Practice Course . The main reason for this is that I have played that course a lot as I have been growing up and I have played this course the most and I feel this is where my golfing skills truly began to develop and helped me get better as a golfer.                                                (

My best memory of golf would be the time that all the PGA golfers came over to Newcastle to play on the Links Course. Luckily for me, I was able to experience that day and got to meet a lot of golfers that would have inspired my golfing and me as a person. The biggest named golfer at that event was Tiger Woods and the feeling of being only meters away from one of your favourite golfers is just unbelievable. I was also able to get signatures from most of the golfers such as Mark O’Meara and a few others. I was also able to get Tiger Woods signature which I still have till this day.

 So if there any bloggers that have played any of the courses that I have mentioned, leave a comment on your thoughts of the courses. Or if you know a course that I have not mentioned leave a comment with the name of the golf course and why you like it.