Since I can remember I have always played video games, one of my oldest memories was every Sunday my close family would all go round to my nanny and granda’s house. My older cousins would always bring some form of games console with them and we would sit and play for hours at a time whilst all the adults sat downstairs. As the years went on the consoles slowly got better. I would say I have spent more than 50% of my time playing video games or watching someone else play them.

The first games console I can remember playing is the Sega Mega Drive, I remember playing Sonic The Hedgehog. This was not my first console as this belonged to my older brother. He would sometimes let me play with him as this was a multiplayer game, although majority of the time he would make me watch him play games such as Predator and Golden Axe.  I think the first console that I owned myself was aXbox 360 but before then I shared a Playstation one and two and an Xbox 360 with my older brother.

I remember getting an Xbox 360 with my older brother, as we didn’t share a room at this stage I had to ask him if I could play my Xbox but majority of the time he was playing it or doing homework so I wasn’t able to play it and if I was able to play it I would of had to play multiplayer with him or my younger brother. I think it was a year forward before I actually got my own Xbox. I honestly was so happy to be able to play my own game console without permission. The only negative thing about this was that I was sharing a room with my younger brother at the time and he always wanted to play it with me.

I have been roughly playing Xbox 360 for 8 years although I only got Xbox Live about 4 years ago. I remember the first game I bought for the Xbox was Call Of Duty 2, I had rented a few  games before this but this was the first game that I remember sitting up to all hours playing .Now I have lost interest in the whole Call Of Duty series, the last Call Of Duty games I bought was Call Of Duty 4 and that was my favourite game ever, but since then there has been several other games added to the Call Of Duty series which I find truly disappointing. The most recent Call Of Duty that was alright, was Modern Warfare 2. 

The games I am currently playing are Fifa 13, Halo 4, Hitman:Absolution and Minecraft. I really don’t have a particular genre that I enjoy most but I do enjoy trying out different games but I think I enjoy Fifa 13 so much due to the fact I was brought up supporting Football so this game automatically interested me. I also have a huge interest in films and recently some films have been made into games so I would usually buy a lot of games based on films. I have also recently bought a computer specifically for games so I have now moved on from Xbox to computer as I feel there is more of a variety of games available to computer although I would still play my Xbox frequently.

 I don’t think there is anything wrong with playing video games as much as I do, as I have been brought up with video games and I feel that I have learnt some things from video games that I would struggle to learn without them, an example of skills that I have developed throughout the years whilst playing video games IT skills. Although I have problems with my eye sight due to the length of time I would play video games I still choose to play them because they are very enjoyable and I think I will continue playing video games until that time comes where I need to hand in the controller for something more important.

 Being a gamer for a long time, I have been able to play most of the games consoles out there. So I have also been able to see the development not only in the console and the features that come with it but I have also seen a vast change in the games. For example, when I was playing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Mega Drive, the game play was very linear and basic and now games such Hitman:Absolution have very detailed storylines and give the gamer multiple choices throughout the game. The graphics in games now have also greatly improved also, as most cut scenes in games today are very realistic. Whereas back when I played the Sega, the games were all 8bit and movement was limited.

So if you enjoyed my blog and would like to get involved, comment your favourite games console and games you like to play.